Bainbridge DIAX Custom Laminate Panels

Custom Laminate Panels
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Bainbridge DIAX Custom Laminate Panels

DIAX Custom Laminate panels have been developed combining the experience gained from years of sailcloth production. Our use of computer aeroelastic modelling allows us to put the yarns in exactly the required places for the loads that are predicted for a wide variety of usage and conditions.

1. DIAX is sold as panels only, and are put together and finished by you, the sailmaker. Features include:

 Custom lamination: fibre choice, mix and distribution are perfected for the particular sail and the specific boat

 Strong lamination: use of stronger, higher quality resins giving longer life lamination than conventional sail cloth

Efficient use of materials: Diax yarns are laid in custom arrays with all the yarns being laid exactly where they are needed, providing the lightest, strongest and most durable sail available in the market today. 

2. Substrates as follows:

Films:           0.5, 0.75 and 1 mil. 

Filmless:      White, Dark, Grey and Black.  Heavy and light weight. 

Taffetas:       Grey and White.  Double and Single external. 


3. Yarns available:

Polyester (PET)







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How to order DIAX

Bainbridge will receive your design (complete with yarn panel layout) and supply you with the panels.

Alternatively, we can take your design and apply our yarn layout to the design and supply the panels.

Or again, we can design the sail with the correct layout and then supply the panels to be finished.

The Diax process is a logical development of sailcloth manufacturing which Bainbridge has been at the heart of for generations. The research and development in these materials has been adapted and applied to a new process to produce stronger, lighter, faster and longer lasting performance sails.

Our Diax membranes offer several advantageous developments over other custom membrane production yarn laying.


It all starts with you getting in touch.

You can reach us either by:



Phone        +44 (0)1489 776000

2. Discovery

We’ll ask you the necessary questions to understand more about your requirements to ensure we fully satisfy your requirements.

Typical questions include.

      • What type of sail and boat? 
      • What type of conditions? 
      • What substrate? 
      • Filmless? Taffeta? 
      • What type of yarns?

3. Free no obligation quote

We’ll use all the information we have gathered to formulate a free no obligation quote.

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